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Car maintenance knowledge, how much do you know?

(Summary description)Our car will be repaired after a period of driving, but our car maintenance is also small maintenance and maintenance, then how much do you know about big maintenance and small maintenance? Let's take a look!

Car maintenance knowledge, how much do you know?


Our car will be repaired after a period of driving, but our car maintenance is also small maintenance and maintenance, then how much do you know about big maintenance and small maintenance? Let's take a look!

What is a big maintenance?

The content of the large maintenance: the large maintenance is at the time or mileage specified by the manufacturer, and the contents are the routine maintenance of replacing the oil and oil filter, the air filter and the gasoline filter.

Large maintenance intervals: Large maintenance is based on the existence of small maintenance, generally these two maintenance alternate. Intervals vary depending on the brand of the car. Please refer to the manufacturer for details.

Large maintenance items: In addition to the replacement of oil and oil filters, there are two items in the car maintenance:

1. Air filter: The engine should suck in a large amount of air during the working process. If the air is not filtered, the dust will accelerate the wear of the piston block and the cylinder. Larger particles enter between the piston and the cylinder, which can also cause severe "cylinder" phenomena. The function of the air filter is to filter out dust and particles in the air to ensure that the cylinder enters a sufficient amount of clean air.

2. Gasoline filter: The function is to provide clean fuel for the engine and filter out the moisture and impurities of the gasoline. This optimizes engine performance and provides the best protection for the engine. Usually, when performing car maintenance, the operator will perform other inspections according to the specific conditions of the car, and other maintenance items, such as inspection and maintenance of the engine-related system, positioning of the tires, inspection of various fastening components, and the like.

What is small maintenance?

Small maintenance content: Small maintenance generally refers to the routine maintenance items that are made at the time or mileage specified by the manufacturer to ensure the performance of the vehicle after driving a certain distance. Mainly includes the replacement of oil and oil filter.

Small maintenance intervals: The small maintenance time depends on the effective time or mileage of the oil and oil filter used. The expiration date of mineral oil, semi-synthetic engine oil and fully synthetic engine oil of different brand grades is also different. Please refer to the manufacturer's recommendation. The oil filter is generally divided into two types: conventional and long-acting. The conventional oil filter is replaced with random oil, and the long-life oil filter is used for a longer period of time.

Small maintenance items:

1. The oil is the lubricating oil that the engine runs. It can lubricate, clean, cool, seal and reduce the engine. It is of great significance to reduce the wear and tear of engine parts and prolong the service life.

2. The oil filter is a component of the filter oil. The oil contains a certain amount of colloid, impurities, moisture and additives; during the working process of the engine, the metal scrap generated by the friction of each component, the impurities in the inhaled air, the oil oxide, etc., are the objects of the oil filter. If the oil is not filtered, entering the oil circuit directly will adversely affect the performance and life of the engine.

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